Changing velocities of marquee selection of notes

Hi guys.
thanks for the improvements in Dorico 4. I want to know how I can change the velocities of a marquee selection of notes by the same amount. I thought I might have been able to do this in the histogram but can’t work it out.
Kind regards and congratulations,
Peter Baldwin

Hi Peter, if you use the square “transform” tool, you should get a selection box around the selection with tools including raising all velocities by the same amount, scaling them or randomizing them.

G’day Lillie, thanks for getting back to me. I am afraid I have had no luck with changing the velocities of a marquee selection. I don’t know what you mean by the transform tool. If you mean the transform note box on the toolbox on the right hand side in play mode , I can’t scroll down past the video then comments box. I have several instruments that have louder velocities since I got Dorico 4. Hoping you can give me the exact sequence of commands.
Kind regards,
Peter Baldwin

Hi Peter, Watch this video either in its entirety or specifically from around 4mins 50s in for information about the transform tool in the key editor:

Hi Lillie, thanks for your advice. I have watched the video and have done what is recommended but I still can’t get the orange box around my selection. I can draw the selected notes box and then use the mouse to move the selection up and down uniformly but only in that way. The other options are not available to me. Also, is there any way to hide the slider bar for resizing the key editor after you are happy with your settings? It gets in the way a bit. Many thanks
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To get the transform selection box, you have to have the Expression and CC lane expanded (the transform marquee selection isn’t available in the piano roll) and then click the Transform button key_editor_transform_button and long-press-and-drag in the Expression and CC lane. You should get an orange selection box.

I don’t think it’s possible to hide the zoom slider.

Thanks Lillie for your help. All OK for the time being. Thanks for the manual. I find a pdf file helpful. Any idea when the manual for Play mode will be released?
Kind regards

Your best bet for the present is to access the PDF section for Play in the 3.5 manual and also append the latest Version History.

Something to be considered in a future update, I hope. It is sometimes in the way.

No, I’m afraid, and not imminently.

I watched the video, but the program behavior on my computer is different. I cannot make any marquee selections with either the marquee tool or the multi-edit tool. Dragging the mouse while holding SHFT only shifts the view. In the upper part of the screen (write mode) I can make marquee selections, in the lower part (key editor) I can’t. This makes it quite challenging to properly adjust velocities for a whole arrangement.

@sf159753 Dorico can set be set have the Hand Tool as default or Marquee Selection as default. The Shift key will toggle to the other option. So, if Shift-drag moves the document, then don’t use the Shift key, just drag.

The setting can be changed with icons in the lower right corner.

If memory serves me right you click and hold until the marquee rectangle shows up and then you drag it. But, since the marquee tool right now sets all the selected velocities to the same value, you may be better off using the histogram. The histogram is an awesome new feature.