Changing voice

Hi, unfortunately I encounter a problem concerning changing voices.
I tried to change the voice of a part. When I did, the notes disappeared. With ctr+Z I got the notes back, but in the original voice of course.
After that I copied the notes to a special staff, that I use to delete the cc data of notes before I copy them to another staff.
First I tried to move the notes in that staff to another voice, same problem.
After that I moved all cc data in that staff, after that I could change the notes to another voice.
Is this issue already known? So not, I hope it can be solved (of course it will :wink: :grinning:, we know the people of Dorico!!!) in the next update. Good luck!!

Please upload a project that exhibits the problem, and give exact steps to reproduce. I’ve just tried in the project in front of me, using right-click > Paste Into Voice, V and right-click > Change Voice and all of them seem to work as expected.

Hi pianoleo, thanks for your attention, here is an example.

Open the attached file.
Select the notes of bar 1-4 (= voice one).
Click on expression field (in window bottom left) and select cc1.
Right click and select:
voices > change voice > Up-stem Voice 2
On my computer the notes are gone now, also the cc1 data of bar 1-4 (the cc1 data of bar 5 are present).

Press ctrl + z, now the initial situation appears again.
Delete the cc1 data of voice 1.
Select notes of bar 1-4.
Right click and select:
voices > change voice > Up-stem Voice 2
Now all is working as expected.

example change voice (2.2 MB)

I’ve already fixed this problem since Dorico 4.2 was released, so this will be OK in the next update, when it arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


I’m having the same problem a lot. Thanks a lot for fixing it! Looking forward to the update.

Welcome to the forum, @Justus_Berger, and I’m sorry you’re being bitten by this bug. This goes wrong because of a problem with copying and pasting the MIDI CC automation data that is going along with the music. If you don’t need the automation data, you can remove it using the commands found in the Play > Automation submenu, and that will allow these commands to work as expected. Obviously this shouldn’t be necessary, and that’s what we have fixed.