Changing volume of drum group

Hey guys, what would be the best way to handle the volume of an entire drum mix, including send fx and parallel compression in Cubase 9? If I’m happy with the mix and balance, but just want to lower the overall level, I thought putting a VCA on all the drum tracks would work but noticed it affects the input of the parallel compressor.

You could make the send to the parallel track post fade (and readjust it’s level) first.

Or group the individual tracks and add the group to the vca but not the individual tracks.
In this case the effect returns will need to also be in the vca so only works if you’re not sharing them with any non drum group stuff.

Ok thanks I’ll try that.

I group all the parallel sends, and separately group all the drums. Each then gets routed to a drum submaster, which I use to adjust overall drum volume.