changing VST instruments

a long time ago I’ve set up a lot of instrument presets that use sounds from the “Garritan Instruments for Finale” plug-in. I now have the full “Garritan Personal Orchestra 4” VST sounds and would like to use my instrument sounds from there.

Where and how can I accomplish this? Cubase always defaults to “Garritan Instruments for Finale”. I see no place where instrument sounds or VST sets can be edited or removed.

As a matter of fact, I had deleted the original VST plug-in, but then every time I started up Cubase and opened one of the old files it would inform me that it couldn’t find that VST set of instruments, and then had to be shut down - no chance to change or adjust anything. I re-installed it again (the sounds, not Cubase) and then it works, but I’d like to ONLY have the new GPO 4 showing as an available VST.

Any ideas? If so, I’d be very grateful, but please be specific - the whole Media Bay, VST Plug-in feature is quite confusing to me in general …

Did you try trashing Prefs? Did you remove the .dll from the plugins folder?

Preferences doesn’t seem to have any setting/information as to which VST plug-in.
Which .dll and which folder?

Prefs keeps a list of all plugs. The Finale .dll from whichever folder it was installed to.

so how do I “trash” Prefs? (delete a file? which? where? don’t see anything in the Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase Essential 4 directory)

and if I do, will all settings and instrument pre-sets then be gone?

which .dll files?
this is in the vst3 directory:

and these are in the vst3/Instruments for Finale 2009 sub-directory

but there seem to be also a bunch of related .dll files in the Commoi Files/Steinberg/VST2 - any relevance?

You delete all files in the App Data folder accessable through the Start menu. It’s a different path for Vista & W7 and Mac. Yes, all settings will be lost but you can just move the files to a new location to see if that’s the issue and return selected, as desired. I’d try removing that Finale VST3 folder and re-starting Cubase first.[article]=224&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[]=&L=1&#2

OK, thanks. I’ll work on that (keeping my fingers crossed) and see what happens …