Changing which Instruments play in Play Mode - MIDI

Is there an available shortcut to move through the instruments for the selected instruments and send them MIDI?
I would like it to work like in Write Mode that when you press up or down the instrument MIDI input changes to the selected instrument.


Hi @Azu
Do you mean to navigate vertically between the tracks in play mode without using the mouse, like in a DAW? I don’t think this is supported (jet?)
You can only navigate between the key editors of the tracks on the lower panel (click on the instrument list to expand, then select one instrument, and with the up and down arrow you can navigate between them, and the key editor will update the view) and edit them. This doesn’t seem to update the midi input as if you press on the track itself. Please someone correct me if I am wrong:

Apparently this is hard to do. Surprising, but there we are.

Yes, that’s what I meant.
I thought I was doing something wrong, but it looks like it’s not possible.