Changing your panning settings in the middle of a track

I created an instrument track and I rendered it to audio. The original instrument track was panned 15 points to the left. On the 1st rendered track I understand that the paning does not change but in the middle of the track that instrument becomes a solo improv and I want to keep it dead center for just that solo only. I know I can create another rendered 2nd track after cutting and highlighting that section from the first rendered track setting the pan to zero- is there another way to do this without creating an additional rendered 2nd track?

I searched the manual but I could not find the answer

Alan Russell

Hi @Alan-Russell

Did you try to use automation for this task?

thank you very much for this video it’s something that I would definitely keep in my archives

Hi @Alan-Russell

Automation is such a valuable tool, glad you learned something new today!

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