Chaning note spacing for a single bar

I have one or two troublesome bars that are too tight and accidentals are squashed. I have an initial note spacing change. What is the way to make a note spacing change for one bar, and then revert to the current note spacing again in the next bar?

At the start of the next bar, make another note spacing change, and set it to Reset.

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Does that reset to default, or to the previously prevailing settings?

Try it and see. :wink:

Well, it resets to what you have set in your Layout options > Note spacing. Note that you’re not limited to reset, you can choose any other setting in this second Note Spacing change. It’s a very nice tool (kind of secret weapon) that makes Engrave note spacing sub mode really a last resort (seldom used).

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I made a test. Indeed reset rests to the default, not to the previous.

@MarcLarcher it may be a tool of last resort but how else do I fix a cramped bar where I very much want to retain the number of bars per staff?

Yes I can put in a new note spacing change but then have to manually take the previous settings and enter them. Would be nice to be able to copy and paste.

I am quite confident it doesn’t reset to the default, but to the setting you’ve set in Layout options (which can differ from the default)… Am I wrong?

As to how it can be used in your configuration of two bars per system, I don’t see why it couldn’t. It’s not as granular as the Engrave sub-mode, but the relationship between beats is consistent. This is why I would start, even in a locked context (with locked breaks if needed) with Note spacing changes, and then manual changes if needed. I find it a time earner and the result is more elegant. But YMMV.

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