Channel and Rack config recall

I currently have 8 different Channel and Rack configurations in the session I’m working on, great feature. One problem I’m running into though, when I close the session for the night and return the next day my configs are seemingly gone. I have to redo the first one and save it back in position one to get the configs to reappear. Anyone else? John.

Yes. Same problem in C7.06 (and previous).

Someone said that if you have NO MIDI Controllers defined/connected this problem does not occur. Haven’t tested this.

Also, if you check mixers 2 and 3 you’ll see they come up with the presets.

Wish they could fix this. Though well known, I haven’t seen any official recognition of the problem.


I also see this bug. I have been asking for it to get fixed for a couple of cycles now but have not heard an acknowledgement of the problem. I think I’ll put it in the bug list. My workaround is: I try to always save the session with my #1 config. When I come back to the session I resave the #1 config and the others all come back.