Channel audio NOT routing to Output .. what have I done!


I’m sure this was all working fine before I updated Cubase 7 to the latest version … mmm

So I can record audio OK (using Steinberg MR816x) and can see the wave form.

I can hear the audio when in raw form when using the preview tool in the audio part (screenshot A attached).
No Audio - Sample Play is OK.JPG
I can see the audio is playing in the channel setting view (screenshot B attached).
No Audio - Channel Settings.JPG
BUT it’s not routing through to the output channel. (which you can see in the above screenshot)

All my other midi VSTi instruments can be heard just fine … but no audio parts can be heard.

Here is what I’ve checked:

  • The part is not muted
  • The Monitor button on the channel is not on
  • The VST Connections are all set to the correct channel (Screenshot C attached)
    No Audio - VST Connections.JPG
  • Updating all MR editor and MR816x drivers

I’m sure it is something so very basic that I have missed … any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It’s worth mentioning if i turn the vst device to internal ASIO then i can hear the audio. Turn back to the MR816 then the sound of the audio part disappears.

So it’s definitely something to do with the Yamaha MR816


OK … just need to say Steinberg support absolutely rock solid!

After a screenshare turns out the buffer size on the MR816X ASIO driver was set to something weird like 1886 … after changing it to 512 it all works great!

So glad it’s not a faulty hardware!

Thank you Soul-Burn and NPW for your help … you guys also rock!
Thanks NPW for the offer of team viewer session … that was going to be my next step!

Right … off to actually make some music now!