Channel Batch Export presets please.

I work in film and TV and some projects require surround or Quad stems but most require only Stereo stems. I have started using the “Export Audio Mixdown” function to make my stems now. Previously I had hardware connections that I would use to bounce everything out in real time and in the timeline of my picture project (running Nuendo) which is nice because I do not then have to import the stems into Nuendo to thin out the unused tracks before I send them to my music editor.
In order to keep this as one item or ask. I would like to see presets for Channel batch Export so I don’t have to go through and check all the boxes every time. They stay the same usually after the first use or they stay in whatever the last config I just used was but when bouncing between projects it would be so very handy to have preset that I could save and recall for this purpose.

Thank you