channel batch export problem


I have several mono and stereo group tracks which I want to export. They are each routed in 5.1 groups.
I don’t understand why nuendo exports them as 5.1 tracks (as the groups they are routed into) instead of exporting them each with only as many channels as needed.

This type of export should bypass the panners and export simple mono and stereo tracks, am I right?

But when you batch export aren’t you selecting the groups? If you select the groups then of course you’ll get whatever setup the group is, not what’s feeding it.

That’s the problem, I’m not getting the setup that the group I’m exporting is.
ie. Group A (stereo or mono) -> Group B (5.1) -> Out 5.1

Exporting Group A results in a 5.1 wave.

I find this really makes exporting predub tracks for mixing stage a pain. Exporting 30 - 40 5.1 tracks takes forever, and then organising them into mono, stereo, 5.1 and then batch splitting them using Sound Devices Wave Agent.
…duh, it could have been so simple, just bypass the panner and export the damn track.

I believe there’s a setting called “L/R channels” or something that will output only those two into a stereo file if routed in a 5.1 group.

I understand what you’re getting at though.

I don’t see the problem.
Why don’t you just create your different output formats in output busses, instead of creating them in groups.
Groups are usually, Foley, Dialog, Music, Sfx, etc …
These are routed to one or more output busses. (5.1, stereo, Lt_Rt, M&E, etc…)
If you want mono tracks, then create a mono output buss, making good use of the Multiple output buss routing.


It’s that he feels it would be more intuitive if the software exported according to what “went into” the group as opposed to how it “comes out”, i.e. pre-panning.

I think what Fredo is getting at is a bit more “logical” and actually more “organized”.

If you create busses for all your desired destination formats then route accordingly you’ll have a clear and organized setup. All of the outputs are on the same “level” if you follow the signal chain, if you get my drift. It’s probably easier too in Control Room as you’ll have the stuff available for monitoring. So your stereo group would output to the main format, in this case 5.1 I guess, and then you’d also send to the stereo group for whatever type of element it is, “music” for example.

If the software was to grab audio before the panner then I guess they’d have to program that logic into the software so that it knows when to use panning and when not to. It’s probably a lot easier on the programming side to simply take the output format in any given situation rather than doing that “sometimes”.

My setup for now is like this:
I have mono and stereo tracks feeding group tracks like Dial A, Dial B etc. Dial A and B go into the main dialog bus which is 5.1 VOX.
The main stems 5.1 VOX , SFX, etc go into one master 5.1 group which goes into the 5.1 bus.
I use the 5.1 group to record the session.

So Fredo, you are saying that I should create another stereo group to which, using direct routing, I should send the stereo groups?
That should work, but in my view it’s more complicated than simply exporting 5.1 split tracks then deleting what’s not needed.
Indeed I find counterintuitive the fact that you choose to export a stereo group and end up with a 5.1 file.

You have to be careful what you ask for.
Being able to export as the same track type as the track type in the project results in a pre-panner/level (and anything you can think of) export without panning, partial leveling and plenty of other processes.

You can as easily record from your output buss, no need to create an extra group for that.

Just route your 5.1 groups to the Main 5.1 “Master” buss and to your Stereo “Master” buss.
And -for example- another set of those for your M&E mixes: of course without DX group routed to these …
Surround will be passed unaffected, stereo will be fold down correctly.
Unless of course you have the time and money to do a complete separate stereo mix …

Then set up your different listening sources in Control room, so you can check and A/B the different formats on the fly.
That is how most of us do it.


You can as easily record from your output buss, no need to create an extra group for that.

And I would need to create a separate 5.1 out bus for listening perhaps? …ok I’ll try that, I need to shuffle my template anyway.

I don’t have a mixing/listening problem. I am(was) exporting a premix for a dubstage. I wanted the separation offered by smaller groups than the 5.1 main stems. Anyway, they are using protools 8 hd which imho is a pain compared to nuendo.

You have to be careful what you ask for.

I’m just asking for an opinion and, at most, for the option to do that. Can’t be too superstitious about that:)