I’m using Cubase 10 Pro and I am trying to figure out how to export multiple vocal tracks in batch export that are running through a group channel that has an fx chain on it. I want the channels to be separated and not all blended but with the fx chain on each one. The FX chain uses several UAD plugins that I cannot apply to every channel due to resource issues, and I have over 15 vocal tracks to export. Can anyone help with this?



You would have to apply the plugins to the individual tracks and the freeze or render them.

You could then batch export.

What happens if you create an output bus, insert your processing plug-ins on that and route all of your vocal channels to that, rather than a group, then export your channels? I’ve not done this, but I think it should achieve what you want. If not, Manike’s solution may be your best bet.

That’s an application for ‘render in place’. Select all your audio events you want to render > render in place > check the options. You can render them individually with or without complete processing, including/excluding master fx. It will take some time as Cubase renders one by one and UAD plugins slow down rendering time but no extra routing is necessary…

… unless you want your rendered tracks to be mono. RIP always creates files in the format of the rendering bus (in your case that’s the group channel). If it’s stereo, you’ll get stereo files. If you want them to be mono, create a mono group, copy the group settings there (just drag from the stereo to the mono group in the mixer, below the text field) and route all your vocal tracks there before you RIP.