Channel Batch Export question

I have been working on a fairly large project for a while now. Now that I’m finally done with the composition I would like to start mixing. So every every track is an Audio Track, no VST’s, altough I do have 8 Group Tracks and some FX Tracks as well. Most tracks in the project are routed through one of the Group Tracks to Stereo Out. I was wondering if there is any way to export each track separately using the Channel Batch Export yet still maintaining their current routing. In other words, when I export a track, Cubase ignores all the Inserts in the Group Channels that I would like to affect the track in question. Hope it’s not too confusing…

Basically what I could do, altough it would be tedious, is solo every track and just export as Stereo Out by hand, but I was wondering if Cubase could somehow do this for me? ^^

I don’t want to export the Group Channels as is, because I want to have control over each track when I mix.

Are we to guess which version of Cubase you run?

Sorry, Cubase 5.

Read your post 3 times and still don’t get it. :confused:

If I do get it, you can’t do what you want. MEAP (Google) may be a solution.

I read your post a couple times too and still don’t understand the question. So, at the risk of this being an April fools joke, I’ll concede and here’s my answer. :slight_smile:
If you’re going to mix, why would you need to export your tracks when you can do all your mixing in Cubase? That is unless you are planning to mix in another DAW.
If that is the case, then I would suggest you export the tracks as they are “before” the effects processing so you can have that control wherever you do mix.
If you are going to mix your project in your Cubase 5, then you need not export tracks until you are finished. At that point, most engineers export the whole song as one stereo track.

Thanks for your answer. It’s no biggie, it’s not something I ABSOLUTELY need, I was just wondering since I’m always looking to improve my workflow. Sometimes I use many audiotracks to make, what I consider, one sound, and sometimes I route them through the same group channel. I was merely wondering if it was possible to export the tracks using batch export so that the group channel effects would apply to each track, but so that I could still get them as separate audio files. I often export my tracks and import them to what is essentially a new project, to conserve resources. For example, this song had at one point 109 tracks, so I needed to export. Also I work best when I can actually see the waveform.

Make 3 tracks -> Route them and FX to Group -> export

There might be a million effects in that sound already, but at some point I will start mixing, and that’s when I will start applying even more effects. I can’t keep all the groups in the next iteration of the project since eventually I will run out of CPU power.

Sometimes I have to go back to a previous version of the project to edit the sound because I was lazy and exported the groupchannel as one sound, and later it turns out that I want to tweak something “within” the sound. As I said earlier, one way to do what I want is to solo the track and export as stereo out mixdown, but it’s tedious.

Makes sense? Or is there a better way to do what I’m doing?


Is there a hard limiter (brick wall) in Cubase 5? I can’t seem to find one, and don’t undestand for example VST Dynamics.

All available Plugins can be seen in the documentation, including a description. Might be time to try that now…

Ok, I can better understand your explanation now. Yes, you can use batch export to export your tracks out and back in Cubase.
Just solo the tracks you want to import and use your LR markers to establish the range of your tracks. If you leave your effects on during export, they’ll import with the same effects on the same number of new discreet tracks. Make sure you like what effects you use because once they’re printed, you’re stuck with them unless you go back and re-export.
Another thing to note: You mentioned that Cubase ignored the presets you had in the group channels. You have to make sure you check off all the components in the batch export page that you’re going to need “including” the pertinent group channels and effects. If you just check off the individual tracks, it will route from the output of those tracks and not through the group channels or effects.

You can of course not export several channels routed to a common group through that group and keep the single channels in one go.

What a bunch of useless, snarky, or curt responses.

Your response, however, is full of use. Thank you for your amazing insight. 6 years of detective work has led up to this incredible moment.

I’m curious as to what in my responses are useless, snarky or curt.
I asked questions to hone in on nature of the OP’s problem and gave them an informed answer in which they thanked me.
Sometimes posters don’t give enough information (version, OS, expected results etc) so questions have to be asked.
If you have a similar problem and were looking on this thread for an answer that you didn’t get, I would suggest that you post your problem
so that it can be supported. Otherwise, I think the OP was happy with my responses.