Channel batch export taking an hour?!

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. It’s really strange for me, because it happens very randomly. Essentially, I’ve finished recording and editing all the songs for my band’s album, and I now need to bounce stems to send out for mixing. As each song has anywhere between 80 and 110 tracks of audio, I’m having to use the Channel Batch export feature. Half of the album has been fine with no issues, the batch export has happened in under a minute – but in some of the sessions, the batch export is taking over 50 minutes - surely that is not right?!

There are ZERO plugins running in the sessions (I’ve taken all processing off) and there’s very few minor audio edits (3-4 cuts and crossfades only). No time stretching or variaudio on anything, no hitpoint detection.

This happens only with some sessions and not with others. All of the sessions were created in the last 2 days - basically, I bounced a first set of unedited stems, then created a new blank session and imported the stems – edited them all – bounced/rendered anything with any processing on it - and then reset all mixconsoles and did the batch export.

Just wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong, because I have been using the batch export feature for many many years now without a single issue.

I’m on a mid 2011 macbook pro with SSD, 8GB RAM, running OS X Mavericks. Cubase 7.0.7.

Anything? Anyone?

Anyone from Steinberg willing to help me out with this?