channel batch export

Hi all,

Cubase 9 had a tab at the top when exporting to tick ‘channel batch export’ for creating stems.

Cubase 10 pro doesn’t seem to have this tab, and when I tick ‘mutiple’ I see no way to create seperate stems or indeed use the naming function.

Can someone tell me how I do what was so easy in cubase 9 in cubase 10 = mix down channels to stems, e,g, my group channels?



you should look once more.

what is the problem? when I click file → export → audio mixdown I can select single or multiple. Everything in the mixer it is laid out perfectly - I just tick what I want exported.

if I want all my group channels I tick the “group channels” - if I just want the drums group channel I tick that

Thanks, I’ll have another look.

I assumed that the ‘mutiple’ selction, and the channels I selected meant that Cubase summed those selections to a single file. It’s just differnent from Cubase 9 I guess, e.g. the naming scheme is grey out where normally I’d be able to tell Cubase to name the exported files according to the track/groups names.

Hi all

The layout/system for this has changed but it is just as extensive as it was and slightly better laid out I think but does require attention to detail on your part.

Best Regards, Dave