Channel Batch Export

Channel Batch Export–>please change your naming scheme, as it does not provide unique names for the files.
I`ve done this many times before without any problems, same settings. I want only the track name as filenames, but this suddenly only work if I also include counter, name osv = very long filenames.

I`ve tried repair disk utility and also deleted the cubase 6 folder under library–>preferences.

My setup is Cubase 6.05,2010 MBP, 8gb ram, SnowLeopard.

Any ideas anyone?


Not entirely sure what your question is. Could you clarify what the problem is?

Sorry, bad english :slight_smile: Ill try to refrase: I cant do batch channel export when I name the files only by track name, I have to name the files by track name, counter, project name osv to get the export started. Message is that I have to change the naming sceme because the files wil not get unique names.
As I sais this happened today, I have done this a zillion times before with the same settings. I have not upgraded anything the last days.

I hope this makes more sense, thanks :slight_smile: