Channel Batch Export

Hello, I am newbie with home audio production. I am using Cubase AI 8 that came free with my Yamaha Keyboard

I have recorded 15 tracks.4 tracks are MIDI tracks. When I select “Audio Mixdown”, I couldn’t find 'Channel Batch Export Option". and when i export the project to WAV, it only exports Audio tracks not MIDI.

Hi shail,

Cubase AI has no batch export, you must bounce track-by-track in this very slimmed version.
Better way would be an upgrade.

How can I bounce track?

I recorded 1 midi track in separate project and exported it. It exported the Wav file of full of silence.

The issue is when I try to export MIDI sound of my keyboard, It doesn’t export.

You can’t usually use export audio mixdown for hardware…you record it to an audio track.

Can’t help any more than this without knowing what yamaha keyboard you are talking about, what you are using as an audio interface and how they are all connected.

I am using Yamaha MX49. I connected it via USB to Laptop. Recording MIDI tracks using MX49’s sounds only (not using any VSTi).

As far as I can make out the MX passes both audio and midi via usb but has to be selected as your audio driver to do this.

So you’d need to select MX ASIO (Probably called Yamaha Steinberg USB?) driver in device setup (if not using it as your interface already) and then create a new empty audio track with the MX as input and record this track while playing back your midi track.

If it’s multitimbral and using different sounds you’ll need to create as many tracks as there are sounds and record them one at a time.

EDIT: It’s covered in page 27 of the MX Reference manual (NOT the user manual)