Channel Compressor Question 2: More MC Control

In trying to speed up my interaction between N6 & my MC Contol, I added the channel comp to my “start template.” That way when I hit the dynamics button on the controller, there will be something there to control, just like the channel EQ. The good news is that it works just fine without making a bloated template that takes forever to load.

The bad news is that the N6 channel window does’nt update to reflect this! Is this an oversite? Is there something I need to set in preferences or something? WHY WOULDN’T THE DYNAMICS WNDOW OPEN WHEN I SELECT IT FROM THE CONTROLLER? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s really inconvenient NOT being able to instantiate the channel comp from the controller, but now I’m forced to look at the 7.5 type on the controller and essentially work blind without the direct N6 feedback altogether? What’s the logic here? If I have to use the mouse to access the channel comp window and the comp itself, what’s the point of having the control on the MC at all?

I’m still having a really hard time finding my way around this piece of hardware. So, I’m totally open to whatever rationalization (if there is one) there might be for this. But this one has me stumped!

Nobody else has a problem with this? The window doesn’t update from either side (if you’re on the dynamics page and you select the channel EQ from the MC, it will not go to the channel EQ page).

How about the issue with the settings on the MC not matching the settings on the N6 EQ? Example: HMF on N6 reads 2K the reading on the MC is 2010.5, AND YOU CAN’T ADJUST THE DESCREPANCY TO CALIBRATE BOTH READINGS! If I turn the knob to make it read 2K, it jumps to 1198. I typed in the 2010.5 reading into N6 to see if calibration was possible from that side. NOPE! How can you trust your channel settings if they don’t match?

Are there any work-arounds for this. The only thing that I can think of is to NOT USE MC FOR THE CHANNELS AT ALL AND JUST USE IT ON THE INSERTS, which will give you proper readings and updated screens. But now you’ve lost 2 functions that were supposed to make things easier/faster. How does that make sense?