channel configuration settings!!!

What’s the problem with this WL 10?! I can’t save the recording channel configuration settings. I need to change the left channel and the right places, as the mono program writes only if the signal goes to the left channel. After creating a preset configuration, closing and reopening the program channels again stand by default. Not only that, only ASIO driver left, so still not saved settings! I’m disappointed! Why did I update?! Went back to version 9.5! Money to waste! At first I thought the problem was that I used the settings from the previous version, but when I removed all the settings and ran the program clean, I got the same result! A disgrace!

I don’t really understand what you mean, and I can’t find a problem. Please explain with other words.

Audio Connections / Recording/
any changes to this menu are not saved after you close the program

Windows or Mac? Are other wavelab settings properly saved/restored?

Windows 10-64. Other wavelab settings saved/restored properly, but i cannot select a recording channel other than stereo and mono in the recording window. If you select any other option (L, R, Mono mix…) mono mode is activated. I have hi-z chanel left and mic chanel right on my sound devise, and i need to select R chanel for voice recording.

Then you need to make a specific bus for this recording and select it.

When quitting the audio connections dialog, this file should be updated:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Presets\Recording.last

If you see this file with the current time stamp, then the settings were saved.

Did you try to save/restore audio config preset?

What is the audio device you are using?

Yes, last file is saved normally, the names of new buses are present in it, but after opening the program, the first bus configuration is renamed to Main Recording Bus and to call the saved settings i need to restore the preset, but i do not want to do it every time, i want to open the program and work. My device is Roland Quad Capture, and i tried to connect it by VB Banana with same result.

Please show me a screen short of the record tag configuration, when it is correct.
And another one, after WaveLab was restarted.

screen shorts

Try to keep the Main Record Bus on top of the list. Because this one has to be stereo, because this is the default bus.
Make your second bus your custom bus.
That should solve your problem.

Of course I tried to do so, but it does not change anything.

Well, I could reproduce your problem. But if I do as I explained, the problem goes away. Please try again.
I repeat:
The 1st but in the list (the top one), must be stereo at least (>= 2 port assigned)
The next buses can be whatever you need (in your case, a single port).

Screen Shorts. i need every time restore preset to get my settings back.

I spent a long time trying to reproduce your case, but I can’t.

Please quit WaveLab.
Erase \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Presets\Recording.last
And redo the config as I suggested (mono bus in second position)

Does it work?

Yes, it worked. Thanks. But still the rejection of the WDM driver creates a lot of inconvenience.

First Time you speak about WDM.
What is the problem?

I have always used WL with WDM, It is very convenient. I use WL for speech recording, mastering, batch processing. I have two audio cards. One stereo for Cubase (ASIO) and WaveLab (WDM). Another multichannel for Nuendo and work in 5.1 surround. Cubase I use on 44.1, Nuendo on 48 kHz. WDM allows you to get rid of the sample rate and use all programs at the same time. Of course, I have now enabled the driver release in the background in Cubase and WaveLab, and I had to assign the system sound to the multichannel card, as I use some more applications to work with sound. Here I think already to buy one more card purely for system and other applications. So WDM is good in certain situations.

That was MME and not WDM.