Channel Edit EQ view glitch???

Hey everyone, Im in the middle of mixing a song for a client and all the sudden my EQ controls in the channel edit window changed.
It went from this:

to this:

did I press something? a key command possibly? It just changed on its own as far as I know…

any help @Steinberg???

On the second picture you have the channel strip selected and not the EQ.

I guess the pressure of the deadline got to you…

I understand that based on the pics you saw. I was just using them as examples. The eq controls look the same regardless of channel strip or equalizer being selected.

Here are the actual pictures of what I am seeing. This is the strangest thing to me why it just changed like this. Does anyone know if it is a setting or a key command that I may have accidentally pressed or changed??? It is not stopping me from my work at all it is just weird…

Any help or clarification would be great. THANKS!!!

On the equalizer tab, click the green upside down triangle to switch between different equalizer display modes. Some people prefer working with knobs over sliders, so they give you this option.

THANKS SO MUCH!!! I will try that now.