Channel Edit Window > fixed size (cannot be scaled)

In CB 9.5 you could scale the size of the channel edit window
Now in CB 10 it has fixed window size (Windows 10 Pro)

That’s true!

yea, this is probably not a bug, but it is better to be scaleable

Before there was a bug, that I think got fixed in the last maintenance version of 9.5.
Maybe there is a problem with the scaling and the new appearance of the Strip.

Don’t you guys get a weird looking channel fader sometimes (look at picture)? This also happend in 9.5 often for me. I think it only happens when using the setting “show signal path” and not everytime.

Would be better if its scalable, but the bigger problem, that you cannot turn off the left and right sidebar. It’s much more worst now.


Samee… :confused:

Anyone know a workaround?

If you know one please tell me. For me it’s gone after some time. A cubase restart or maybe a PC restart I don’t know for sure.

Ha ha I figured it out bro :smiley: If you’re still having the same issues, this is what I did…

Go to the top right of the channel settings window, and while holding ALT, click “Functions Menu”

Scroll down and click “Reset Channel Settings Window”

And you should be good to go!

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue, bc that glitch is a pain!

I miss the resizable EQ- Window as well!

With the “Channel- EQ display” horizontally maximized, it was pretty easy to sweep through a certain frequency range - with the mouse, to find annoying resonant frequencies.

This is impossible in the new small fixed design.

It may look better now, with the channel strips fitting, were the EQ- window has its space.
!!! But we lost one of the most important functionalities in the Cubase EQ !!!

+1 !!! The audio channel window should definitely be scaleable like in 9/9.5. Sometimes we need to see more of the EQ in order to make more precise changes.

Thanks, I was not seeing the 4th EQ band on the right, even after the 1rst update.
The Channel Settings window (on Windows) should be resizable.

I am the same phenomenon. The right mix fader is expanding so you can not see the equalizer. Can not you fix it?