Channel edit window not resizable anymore ?

I used to be able to resize that window in previous versions of Nuendo…it’s not the case anymore

Is the change by design ?


This is not good :frowning:

I wonder the same.

I join the request: dear programmers, please return the former ability to hide/show Inserts and Sends, as well as change the size of the Channel Strip window! I’d like to see something else besides that. If you do not understand yet - the area of the monitor screen is not rubber!!! You do not need to innovate, just return the previous layout features!

If it works, don’t touch!

I never use the built in channel strip or EQ. I have a zillion plugins and massive horsepower to use them.

I agree with the above requests. Can we get Hide/Show for ALL the sections?

Pretty please?

I noticed this as well :frowning:

I often resize it to only show ‘Inserts’, ‘Sends’ & the fader to quickly use it as a mini mixer channel. Currently, you can’t resize it to hide the EQ and channel strip stuff. Steinberg please bring resizing back.

And not only visibility of the inserts etc.
The whole window was resizeable. I need that back.

Yes to all the above. As this stands now with limited View options to customize, I have a full size plugin window (EQ/Strip) that I never use covering valuable screen space. As if I had a UA Expired Demo plugin window that I could not close. Less than helpful.

I had chronic sporadic problems with resizing the channel window in N8, where any movement would make the EQ section grow way out of proportion and I’d have to close it and re-open it to make it act normally.

The loss of re-sizing at all was one of the first things I noticed in N10. I guess that’s ONE way to fix the problem… but not optimal. I as well would like to see it come back.


I had the exact same behaviour in Nu8, I suspected my Matrox video card drivers…
i had the same workaround as you had but still, I liked to be able to resize the edit window :wink:


I would also like to get back the option to have the fader / solo / mute area on the left side of the channel edit window, like we had it up to NU5.5. :-/

All of the above.

I can not see myself moving to N10 until the channel window resizing is at least restored to what it did in N8, but without the EQ resizing bug. BTW, the fact that this little bug can be overcome by just closing and reopening the window should make it very easy for the programmers to locate and fix. (Initialization?)

I can also not see why we should not be able to show/hide or size every section of the window.

Yes…bring this feature back!!!


Bump indeed