Channel Editor improvements for VSTi Instrument Tracks (currently no access to MIDI, no access to quick controls)

Hi, for Audio Channels, the Channel Editor is pretty much perfect (apart form also no quick controls).

But for VSTi Instrument tracks, there’s something left to be desired.

There is no way to switch to the MIDI view/section of the VSTi Instrument Track like you could find in the Left Zone inspector. I would like to be able to switch between the two (With a toggle key command)

-There are no quick controls. I think this could be placed as a pop-in (so that it doesn’t affect Channel Editor window size) below the EQ section.

There should be access to both Track QCs AND Instrument QCs (if it is an instrument channel)

-Maybe both can fit, maybe it needs to be two pages, or scroll bar. or tightly packed sliders