Channel in side mixer zone being hidden by control room pane

Strange behaviour in the 8.5 update.

  1. Create new project
  2. Have Control Room panel visible in mixer
  3. Create 50 audio tracks
  4. Move your main out and another channel to the left zone.
  5. Play around opening closing the mixer and toggling the ‘channel selector’ window open and close

Result: The furthest channel to the left in the left zone(Ie your Stereo out) Will become hidden by the Control Room panel, grabbing the side of the Control Room panel and dragging it out slightly will reveal the obscured channel again.

Hope this gets fixed ASAP, going to be a pain… I’ve had a few projects open(All from 8.0.30 so far and only noticed it in 1 so far but I am able to produce it in a new empty project too…

(I’m on W7 SP1, 8.5 32bit)