Channel Latency In Cubase 11

Sorry For Bad English
I have Cubase 11 pro
lets assume I add 2 audio tracks.
for example- one with a kick (AT EVERY BEAT)
and one with some vocals
then i add any plugin to the master channel which adds up channel latency (For Eg-Ozone 9 Pro)
It Introduce latency on the master channel as we can see on the mixer But The Playback Is fine with No Latency.
But when I add a send track to the vocals(Reverb) The Vocal Track goes out of Sync but the kick track remains in time (because I didn’t Added reverb to the kick)
Please Anyone help me with this problem
I can Compensate the delay by adding negative of the latency introduced by ozone 9 pro But if I Have 100+ tracks in which 50 of them are sended to another tracks (for reverb delays)
I Have To Manually Compensate the delay of those tracks and it will consume a lot of time
i hope anyone can help :cry:
Thank You…

This can indicate that you enabled “constrain delay compensation”… turn this off

Its off
I meant that if there’s any plugin on the master channel which is introducing latency to the tracks.Tracks which are connected with the send tracks are only affected by that latency and the rest are all in time(which are not connected with any send)
This thus unsync the entire project

I understand what you mean… but Cubase uses delay compensation. So this should not happen.
Can you try to disable the plugins on the FX tracks?

I Tried it just now but it doesn’t solved the problem
But when i completely removed the send there was no latency
This also happens when some tracks are in a bus and some are not :slightly_frowning_face: