Channel Latency panel in mixer issue

Hey guys, just update to 10 today and turned on the channel latency panels in the mixer, unfortunately this is what it looks like
channel latency issue.PNG
you can see the little 0.7 ms peeking out like it’s shy :slight_smile:

Is there an option somewhere for the font size that I need to adjust maybe? I can’t seem to find anything for resizing that panel.

Thanks for your time,


It’s not possible to change the font here. Do you have the latest Cubase 10.0.20 update installed, please?

thanks for the response, I do have the latest update.

edit: i just rechecked and it seems to have fixed itself after I shut down cubase and reopened with a session where the latency panel was already showing. so maybe it was a first time growing pain type thing with the panel?