Channel Latency

Hi everyone

when i open heavy plugins or more than 5-6 plugins i can hear the latency.
for example when i insert my plugins on the vocal the latency makes the vocal plays later and make vocal off the beat.
i thought Cubase fix it after export but today when i had 200 ms of latency i figure out that Cubase do nothing with that in export

what can i do?

*i talk about channel latency not the interface latency

you can try to fix it in 3 ways

1 - activate plugin latency comopesation
2 - tweaking the “track delay in milliseconds” located in the track inspector
3 - export the vocal track with the plugins, import it into the project, tweak the position manually

hope that helps

or use other plugins - there is a setting on the mixer which shows the total latency of each channel - it can be helpful for different stages in your project to know which plugins produce high latency

Hm. Are you saying that you are recording the vocal track with plugins loaded on the input channel? Does your interface have a Direct Monitoring option? Here, if the singer needs something as they record, you are better to run the direct signal to external efx and then to headphones. This way your recorded track is clean, without efx, and is time aligned, no problem. You can add the plugin efx at mixdown.

Anyway, latency compensation box should be checked, but this applies more to playback, not record per se. And I say this because there are plugin chains that will bring way too much latency to the input channel that Cubase can’t correct accurately. It’s always a compromise.