Channel Meter Options - Types

Where can I find these 2 meter types.

Channel Meter Options You can change the meter characteristics for audio channels using the context menu of the channel meter.

Meter Type - PPM
Shows a PPM type channel meter.

Meter Type - Wave
Shows a waveform type channel meter.



In the MixConsole, click to the Set up Window Layout (Shift + F2), enable Meter Bridge. Right-click to any meters (bridge) of Audio track. From the drop-down menu, select Meter Type - PM, here you can change it to Wave.

'm not 100% sure, but I would guess, this is Cubase Pro feature only.

I am realizing not it’a a PRO feature only, but the manual made me believe it was for all.
Thank you Martin,


You are right, in the Operation Manual, it’s not mentioned at all, this is Cubase Pro feature only.

Learning cubase if a very fun experience. It give me the chance to figure out all kind of things by myself, but not by choice, because the manual is so terrible. Still it’s more complete than all other manuals that was written. So I am stuck with the manual. If there was video tutorials that dig as deep as the manual, I would jump on it. But I did not found any. They are making such a mistake by doing such a poor job on the manual.


I’m sorry to reading this.

The Operation manual has more than 1000 pages. Imagine, it would take only 3 minutes to explain every single page in video (which is underetimated, I would say). The video would take 3000 minutes, what is 50 hours of video (two full days), without possibility to search in the content.

There are some basic videos on the official Steinberg YouTube Channel.