Channel/Mixer View in Nuage

Can you move the Channel View or Mixer Views to the Project Window Monitor, if you wanted to?

After I set up my project and I’m ready to mix, I have a mixer view that runs across all 3 of my screens, like one large desk. The project window is now out of sight and my Channel Edit window appears in my center monitor. Can you do something like that in Nuage, or are the mixer settings fixed to the fader pack screens only?

The mixer screens are “tied” to the fader packs.
But you can have any other additional Nuendo mixer above (or in the place) of your Project Window. (In front of the Master unit)


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So does that mean I’d be looking at the regular Nuendo Mixer in the Project Window monitor?


But I still think you are overthinking the whole thing.
What’s the plan?
Mixing with physical faders on your faderpacks and mixing with your mouse on the additional Mixer screen? Really?

The visibility options within Nuage give you plenty of flexibility for displaying what you need.
And don’t need.


I don’t have a plan. Since I don’t have Nuage yet, all I can do is ask questions. All of these manufacturers make a big deal about their hardware being so flexible and ALLOWING YOU TO WORK THE WAY YOU WANT. But the reality is that, in many cases, you don’t get to work the way you want. Worse, Controllers on the whole are so capriciously disappointing that retailers won’t carry ANY! So, you can’t try anything out anywhere anymore!

I touched one Nuage system one time back in 2016. The dealer sold it and never replaced it because it wasn’t selling. I have never seen an S4/S5/S5MC or S6 live ever. Nobody who sells them will do anything other than place an order for you. They want nothing to do with the headache of supporting it.

Product support no longer exists! The Forums are now the primary source of help and/or information. So, until I can actually get my hands on one, I think of scenarios that represent the way I work and then I look for tutorial videos or ask questions here. Until I get one, there can’t be a plan.

I can only repeat that it won’t be handy mixing with physical faders and a mouse.
As said, that’s why we have all these visibility options.

In all honesty, you will never find a controller that is so flexible that it will allow you to work like you want. And even if you find one, within weeks, you will find new ways of “working the way you want” that the controller won’t be able to do. You will always be dissapointed.

Working with a controller (and for that matter a DAW) is taking advantage of what the systems CAN do and finding alternatives for the things they can’t. There sure were things that I could do faster, or more to my likings, without our Nuage systems. But at the end of the day, the systems allow me to work -at least- twice as fast as before. So the inconveniences don’t outweigh the advantages.

Just my 2 cents.

Just curious, where are you located?


Well, for the price of Nuage, I am definitely looking to be LESS disappointed (certainly less than the Avid hardware)!!