Channel names not showing on Plugins

In Cubase 5 I really enjoyed having the channel names show at the top of a plugin. With several of the same plugin showing it was nice to see which channel was which. In 7 64 windows 7…there is no channel name showing on the plugin windows…glitch or discontinued feature?..or what am I missing ? :question:


The show on my setup.

Hmmmm. I opened up about 20 different plugins and only one showed the track name at the top…and that was Melodyne…not even a Cubase plug!! It showed track name and instance#…just like V.5 used to.

Today I was doing some of the optimization tweaks I’ve been researching…after I had changed the W7 personalization settings to “Windows Classic”, the plugins in Cubase started showing the track names…guess it was a graphics card issue…cool. Solved!