Channel Panner "LFE Only" Option

In the channel " VST MultiPanner" could an LFE only option be added for sending only to the LFE channel (as in the old Nuendo 1 panner),please?

Prior to N 12 ,I used the N1 panner for this, but is not available in N12-fair enough!
I like to have the Sub FX on separate (mono) tracks with dedicated plugins and mixing capabilities.
I’m using a work around at the moment- adding a 5.1 intermediate group with the Mixer Delay plugin with the L C R etc…turned down, then assigning it on the Stem.


You can do the same thing by selecting the LFE of your surround master bus as the destination for the mono track. I do this and it works great.

yep, you can press ( F4 ) go to FX/Bus section and select your (5.1 or what ever channel setting group ) right-click ( enable mono child busses )

then you can send mono channel directly to Lfe or any other specific channel

Thanks Jonathon.

Thanks Soushi.

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