Channel Racks button or light colors


What do the colors of the “lights” in the channel racks mean. (e.g. white, blue, and yellow as shown in the Cues here)?

Can anyone point me to where in the docs (or in this Forum) this is discussed. I have searched, and I apologize but I have not been able to find the info.

Also, is it possible to search the Forum for an exact string, such as “Cue Send”? If so what is the syntax to do that? I find that the default search which finds each word as an individual is usually less than helpful because it returns hundreds or thousands of irrelevant hits.

Channel Racks 01.jpg

Yellow means bypassed.
Blue means on.
White/Grey means inactive.

Regarding search filters, I don’t know how to search for exact strings but I’d love to know too!

Thanks for the light descriptions!