Channel Racks

Question on the channel racks in the Cubase mixer… what’s the routing of the channels?

I’m wanting to do some eq before the inserts… can I change the routing at all? I’d like to be able to pick and choose where the EQ and strip and inserts comes in the chain. ??


Look up routing in the manual.

You can drag the position of the EQ in the strip section.

You can change the Strip section to pre or post inserts in the channel settings window.

I must be missing it in the manual…

I know I can move the EQ within the strip, but I couldn’t see how/where I move any of the rack EQs to be pre-inserts?

Only the EQ bands in the PRE section are pre insert.

I found it lol, see attached image.

Is that that the only place I can set the routing order for the racks?


Ah, I’m sorry … I didn’t know you meant the entire rack … I thought you asking about the EQ.
The rack in the mixconsole also allows you to move the bits and bobs around.

Yea, I just couldn’t find where to click to move strip… I want an EQ pre-inserts to avoid having to use a Studio EQ insert just to get EQ before an Insert plug-in