Channel Select Edit/Record Multi-Timbral, suggestion

Re: Channel Select Edit/Record for Multi-Timbral Instrument Track

  1. Create Project
  2. Create Instrument Track using HSSE or better, MIDI In set to All
  3. Assign Patches to Slots (example patches could, of course, be anything)
    Channel 1, Piano
    Channel 2, Drums
    Channel 3, Keys, lead
    Channel 4, Bass

Channel Select Recording/Editing

Select Record/Editing Channel from Drop Down Menu (or similar) on Tool Bar, or Inspector Item, channel selection dots/check-boxes on top channel inspector, perhaps.

Notes not on selected channel are masked and locked (won’t be edited), notes on the selected channel (perhaps multiple channels) only, will appear on Instrument Track for recording and editing (including NE, Controllers, Expression Maps). No changes to usual recording, editing, mixing of instrument.

One Instrument Track, holding MIDI Data for multiple channels, becomes more easily accessible to the user.

MIDI Channels, may, of course, be assigned to other Audio Ouputs, per normal.

Thanks for reading.