channel select selects also hidden channels on MC !!

when i use channel select buttons it goes through hidden channels also so the focus of channels in MC disappears until reaching visible channels again. it there any way to tell cc121 not go through hidden channels on MC ?
i guess it goes with channels on project window, but its very confusing in MC view !!
(well i might wrote this problem before im not sure :unamused: )

Have you tried it in c7.5 Does it select channels that are hidden in the arrange page?

yep, apparently CC121 goes after (that’s the term ? :exclamation: ) tracks visible in project window and not mixer in all Hidden/visible scenarios with MC/Project visibility.

How about if you link the arrange page view with the mix console view (a new feature in 7.5)? Does this solve the problem. I haven’t installed 7.5 on my studio computer yet so cannot test this myself.

if MC and prj are linked its OK… what u see in project is what u see in MC and vice versa and cc121 follows and skips the hidden tracks.

the “problem” in my way of working is that usually i dont like to view midi tracks in MC but i have to view them in project.

is there anyway i can tell CC121 to follow channels on MC at least when MC is in focus ?
maybe im missing something here ??? but now i can’t work with those channel selector buttons when focusing on MC ,the focus on channels jumps,disappear , etc… and i can’t follow it !! it goes by the order of channels in project window only…
i want CC121 option to select channels in MC actually like the left/right arrows in the keyboard which follows the channels in MC as they are actually appear in MC…(now its like the up/down keyboard arrows) its very frustrating working with CC121 on MC as it is now.
(what kind of controller is that if it can’t control simple task as following the channels in the mixer !!?)

Edit: and CC121 won’t select the new cubase 7.5 track instruments VSTi audio outputs which routed to midi track(it selects only the first "Real"actual instrument track output)