Channel setting EQ should be well equipped and more powerful in Cubase

I think Steinberg should make this Channel EQ the most powerful of them all. Channel setting Window is one of the most quicker way to edit your project as it bring all you need together. The EQ setting should include most features like those found in Frequency EQ, 6 or 8 even more bands would be very cool… Even band colors

I agree about the channel setting window. And i suspect a lot of people would like to be able to swap the current EQ with the new one when needed. For me, juts having the listen mode added would be great. But I’m not an engineer so that might not be worth much. But overall, i would agree that making the EQ better is a very good idea. Plus, i think Steinberg should consider making a controller a la Console 1 to control all that is available in Channel settings like LC, HC, EQ, comp etc. But i guess that’s a different discussion. I’m surprise your post didn’t get more support.

Here’s an interesting video about this. Maybe, like m, you’ll discover something. Like i didn’t know you could type in notes like you can in Frequency EQ.

how about inserting the portico plugins in the channel settings?