Channel Setting Order - only view?


In the channel setting setup you can change the order in which the Insert, EQ, Sends, Fader, etc are shown.

But if I want to set the signal to go through EQ before the inserts, how do I set that?


You can’ t.

Thanks thinkingcap.

I was afraid of that.
Well, the search for a decent linear HP/LP (or hi/lo shelvning) filter plugin continues then.

Why don’t you simply use the Studio EQ?
Insert 1 - 6 are pre-Channel EQ and prefader.
Insert 7 & 8 are post.

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Ah ok. You need a pre-Insert. I’m sorry.

Best regards.

I’m not sure where in the signal flow you are wanting to do this …

for incoming audio, the input channels have inserts. This is effectively post AD but pre audio track. This is like printing the effect to the track.

for VSTi, you can make a VST channel and route the unprocessed signal to that channel and route that to an audio track.

What do you want to achieve? I don’t really get
the complication about this.

Well, I just wanted to use the builtin EQ as a prefilter (HP/LP)-stage since I don’t use it for actual EQ-tasks.
Inspired by the Neve 88RS the signal flow (but I want to conserve some power on the UAD).

Of course there are other solutions like using a nice HP/LP-filter (that does only that) VST on the first insert. So the second option was to look for such a filter VST (found brainworx cleansweep which seems nice).

As a last resort I could of course set up StudioEQ for this.
But I was just checking if it was doable with the builtin stuff since you can set the views in different orders.

Thanks for the replies and have a nice weekend you all!

If you want to put an effect in front of the chain,
you still can process a plugin into the audio material.
That’d be pre-insert.

that’s what I was getting at, you can do it for both audio in and VSTi in. Since Studio-EQ is nearly identical to the channel EQ, I’m not sure what the objection is. It would save UAD power and put the HPF before the insert chain. The only drawback is that it gets printed during record. I’m kind of baffled what this is about to. Although, I’ve wondered why we can’t have more post fader/eq inserts.

Guys guys, it’s not that complicated. Thinkingcap gave me the answer I needed.
If it had been possible to route as I asked (the 88rs channel strip changes it with just the press of a button) it would’ve saved me an insert-slot. That’s all.

Ah. K. :smiley: