Channel Setting Screen Frustration

Hi Guys
Is there a trick or am i missing something here?
I used to love the channel setting screen - a one stop shop for adjusting everything on the track. Great saves me lots of hassle. Until today! I have almost finished my project & i want to save the eqs, strip with various settings etc to use again in other projects. You know so i dont have to dial all these up each time.
Problem!!! On clicking the little box where it says “no track preset” the menu comes up giving me the option to save or load. Marvellous i thought. I was wrong. Some tracks it allows me to do this but others nothing happens.
Why why why?
They are all audio tracks

just guessing, something to do with preset name?

Nope. What happens is i click on either Load or Save & nothing happens.
When i does work however i get a screen where i can add details, ranking, style etc

Very odd

Thanx but i have now found out the problem

please always be sure to let us know how you resolve the problems. We all want to learn

Agreed, I really hate when people look for help without responding or posting they fixed it and never reciprocate the help

he’s a mac user , most probably doesn’t like answering us belittled pc users :laughing: :laughing:

Ok OK…Sorry i was in a rush so didn’t get time to type it all out. Sorry guys :frowning:
What the problem is i have found after a little experiment was the tracks were frozen. I thought that just the raw audio data from the VST was converted. This appears to be true & you can still change eq & the strip plugin parameters. You can even save the eq setting etc for later. What you can not do is save or load a whole channel setting. The only way round this is to unfreeze, load or save (making any changes) then refreeze.
Not ideal for me as i use identical settings over various projects. Maybe i was just expecting to much!
Hope this makes sense & helps some of you…
Possibly Steinberg could look at this?
:wink: I make no apologies for being a Mac user tho -