Channel Settings Always on Top right-click area

I noticed a couple posts asking what happened to it, so thought I’d post this- It’s still there, but the click target moved.
ch edit.gif

Thanks have been looking for that.

So you have to click that line, that’s two pixels thick.

I went to the trouble of posting something you didn’t even know was a problem, for the benefit of anyone who might come across the prob– others understand that.

You couldn’t play with the function a bit to see if it is as bad as that? Please, give the kvetching a break for a while, go make some music in Cubase 9.5 and come back to 10 when things are sorted.

:unamused: … how could anyone miss finding this? (sarcasm…)

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I now use a gaming mouse with a dedicated Sniper button :wink:

Nice! Thank you for help!

Indeed, what an utterly insane hidden (and small) area for exposing the “Always on top” function in C10 :question:
Anyways, i looked also for this function in all Cubase’s MIDI plugins, so they would always be on top when opened.
Luckily enough, you can rightclick almost anywhere on these MIDI plugin’s windows GUI’s and it will reveal “Always on top”
Luckily enough, the “Always on top” states of all these windows are remembered the next time you open Cubase.

EDIT: Can’t find right click area in the Pool Window, maybe it isn’t implemented ?

Warm Regards.