Channel Settings display issue

In the channel settings display an issue has appeared where the EQ and Strip tab section is enlarged and does not appear to be able to be resized to fit the window frame. This happens with audio and group channels, the MIDI and Stereo Out channels render OK.
Images attached.


Make sure the Channel Settings window is open. Click to the Window > Windows menu. Then in the window, select the Channel Settings window, and click to Reset Layout. The Channel Settings window will close. Once you reopen it, it should be OK.


Is there a way to hide the Channel Strip and the EQ? I don’t use them and would like to regain their screen real estate.
On Cubase 9.0, I could hide them by resizing the Channel Settings window - but on C10 the window size seems to be fixed, the window can’t be resized. :S



Yes, in Cubase 10 the window size is fixed.

Thanks Martin!

Hi Martin,

Sure, the fixed sized Channel Settings window is fine, but…

Then on Cubase 10 how can I hide the Channel Strip and the EQ?
The Channel Settings window is way too wide on C10 when the output path is deeper.
I used to hide the Channel Strip and the EQ by resizing the window smaller, but now it’s gone, I would appreciate some other means to hide them away.

Any reason for this?
Is Steinberg also going to remove resizing from other areas, ie Mixer, Sidbars, Inspector or the Windows in general?
Who in the dev departments has made such moves? Hard to get the idea behind…
Very disapointing imho

To avoid a resize madness. Yes, it’s a paradox.

Yes! This saved my life. Rely so much on this window, and I had the same issues as OP. Now it’s all back to normal!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes! I was so disappointed with this. I NEVER use the channel strip and EQ from Cubase so in 9.5 I had it hidden by resizing the window. Can’t do that anymore.

This didn’t help my issue, which is similar but the lower part is the problem area.
Please help, I can’t adjust the EQ Band 4! :slight_smile:


Did the Channel Settings Window close when you click the Reset? And did you reopen it after?

Nothing happened the first 5 times when I click on Reset. But now I tried one more time and it worked! Thank you!
Weird thing was that it was in this state directly upon updating to Cubase 10.


I had the same issue and this fixed it.


Isn’t it weird is it that you have to include a function to reset the layout? It should just work. :unamused: :laughing: but anyway, the issue was fixed. I thought I´d have to reinstall or wait to a new update launch, so that was very nice.


I would also like to add that in Cubase 9.5 I used to resize the Channel window to see more on the EQ display in order to make it like fabfilter Pro Q etc with a big display.

Now I find that I cannot increase the width of the EQ using this method (Since width is fixed = Seems like poor idea to me), but instead my Channel Fader looks over wide and stretched. A stretched Fader of course offers no benefit and the Window fix mentioned above does nothing to resolve it.

I nearly bought the update from 9.5 top 10, but have decided to hold off as this is very poor evolution.

Will there be a fix?

Thanks for that, my channel setting windows was massive and spanned one and a half monitors. It has been like that for over a week, after opening an old cubase file from about 2005. This has fixed it for me. You have made me very happy today.

WHY?? who’s the bright spark behind this decision? any reason to touch something that wasn’t broken? Are you guys gonna fix this and make it resizable again?