Channel settings in lower zone (and more)

First things first: credits to @Flavien for coming up with this amazing insight.
For me, the workflow in Cubase has always been a bit sloppy. From the 9.5 update and on, things have been getting better. However, I think the lower zone could be utilised much better.
First, having the channel settings open in the lower zone would be so much more convenient rather than having it opening in a new window. This way you could still see the arrangement and scroll through your project while adjusting the channel settings.
Not only the channel settings, but also other features could be implemented in the lower zone. Features like the beat designer, the logical editor, fade editors, the alignment panel, direct offline processing and more could all be opened in the lower zone instead of a new window.
Lastly, to improve the lower zone in general please let us make it smaller. With the current sizing limit the lower zone is still quite big and takes up a lot of screen space when sized to minimum.