Channel settings in lower zone

I didnt found if someone ask about it…
But it seems to me pretty obvious if we could open Channel Settings window in lower zone, instead of separate window.
Just like we can do now with editors or mix console.
I think that would improve usability of Channel Settings panel pretty far!



Yeah, it is a nice idea!

That is realy a smart Idea.
Also since the lower zone is so large it would have space to have both insert, racks, senes and EQ visual at the same time that would be awsome.
Would also be cool of the lower zone mixer was same as mixer and it could be in a second lame in lower zone so we klick a track in mixer and the channel setting is shown in its own lane in the lower zone above the mixer.
No more need of floating mixer or edit channel.

Tbh I can’t get why there is 2 version of the mixer and that the standard mixer (F3) is not docked in lower zone.

Making that and adding lower zone edit channel would make so huge funzzz