Channel settings Inserts/Strip tabs (9.5)

I think this is an issue that was not in 9.0 version.

  1. Open Instrument or Audio channel settings window. “e” button. Left pane have Inserts and Strip tabs if not hidden.
    At the beginning you have active Strip tab, but Inserts tab is behind it.
    Strip tab have a button “Move channel strip to Pre-Inserts position”. It is okay.
    Inserts tab have buttons “Click to bypass Inserts” and “Preset management”. It is okay too.

  2. Press that button on Strip tab - “Move channel strip to Pre-Inserts position”. What you see?
    All three small buttons are changing their position so if the tabs where swapped as it was in 9.0 version.
    But Inserts and Strip tabs are still at their start positions allowing activate them.
    So now Strip tab have “Preset management” button to load preset into Inserts tab. Is it okay?
    Also by pressing Bypass button it bypasses Inserts, not Strip elements, which is not implementet at all (by pressing one bypass button activates all Strip bypasses if possible).

Good cubasing to all! :slight_smile:

Can confirm.

Yes, it’s for sure an issue with 9.5. Very annoying. Let’s see if it’ll be fixed in 9.5.20