Channel Settings Key - to toggle Channel Settings Window Open and Close

I am pretty sure this used to work in an older version and it’s been driving me nuts to find the track again, click on it with the mouse and use the Show Channel Settings ShortCut key to open the window again.

What happens now is once the channel settings window is open, the show Channel Settings Key will close it but will not open it again. Somehow it unfocuses off the actual selected channel. Clicking the mouse on the channel will allow the key to work again.

I use this to toggle the window 200-300 times a day to bring up the Channel Settings. Would be nice to have this toggle support back in again and working intuitively.

Nuendo 8.2? I’m on 8.1.10 and it works nicely.

I just installed 8.2 and it worked there, too. Both with my CC121 and a keyboard shortcut I assigned.