Channel settings looks great but...

…is it more functional? Those modules look really nice but i see that they had to do away with the PRE LC, HC in the channel strip and i think it’s a mistake. The whole point about channel settings is that you could see all in one window and now this is gone. I’m i the only one here? :confused: Also, are those modules reflected in the mix console? I can’t install C10 right now so let me know please. Anyway, i liked the way channel settings looked before and reflected exactly what you saw in Mix console. They cramped up a lot of info and everything was clear in my view. Let me know what you think.

edited: Things like the edit button that let you access the full view of plugins like compressors is a good thing. But i see a waste of space in the channel strip just so things look better it seems. And at the cost of functionality. Like there’s no need for icons above each modules that takes space. EQ, De-esser, limiter etc is enough. Just take out the icon and you can probably bring back the PRE within the EQ module. …Or make the ch. setting bigger since we all have bigger screens now?

I don’t mean to bitch and i think it’s a grade update but losing functionality is never a good idea imo.

Actually the high cut and low cut are still in the Equaliser view and you can position the eq first in the chain - or anywhere you like. My main confusion is the changes to right click. At first I could not see how to click “Always On Top”. Clue it is the space where Sends and Cue Sends are written.

I always used the lo & hi cut options in just about every project. its a shame they have disappeared, especially given the fact that there seems to be room in the GUI.

I see what you mean - having just revisited 9.5. I rarely used the channel strip preferring to use my own collection of plugins. Seems like a daft omission. I tended to use the hi/low pass filters in the eq section.

I don’t use the Channel Strip that often but a couple of things that strike me are:

A) There is quite a bit of empty space in the EQ window. They should make use of this by making the Analyser display larger.

B) In Cubase 9, you could resize the Channel Settings window if you wanted a very large analyser. This was useful but it seems it is no longer possible.

Yes it is still in the Equaliser view but it’s no longer in the ch. strip view. I liked that it was there with everything else.

this might be off topic but i made a request for the pre lo/hi cut to be added to the generic remote like the rest of the EQ if you’re interested. Link is just below.

I’m trying to set my BCR2000 controller so i can control the channel strip without touching the mouse basically. But they forgot to put in the pre in there…

That would be great, good idea!