Channel Settings Meter Units


What are the units being represented on the volume slider within a track Channel Settings window (it ranges from 00,40,30…0,0,6)? Also what are the units on the meter O/P that ranges from 50 to 0?

I have a mono file that has a peak value of -1.22db (using Wavelab). When I play the same mono file in a virgin Cubase 7.5 project, the peak value at the bottom of the Channel Setting meter only reaches -4.2. I was expecting -1.22 so probably trying to compare eggs with tomatoes! Why is their difference in value?

Appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.


Pan law… probably set to -3dB would explain the 3dB difference :wink:

The meters are showing the peak level in dBs +Ve or -ve relative to 0dB (no gain -Ve or +Ve)
Below 0dB are -Ve above are +Ve

Your mono signals peak level would be -1.2dB from 0dB
when shown on a stereo meter panned centre with pan law set to -3dB will show -4.2dB from 0dB

Thanks Split. That’s cleared that up.