Channel Settings redesign?

I’m rarely using the eq and channel strip from the channel settings window. I like how it’s simple and works… but I just use fabfilter proQ3 that is more advanced. So when I open the channel settings window 70% of its size is useless. I just use insert, sends, fader and Show Output Chain.
Would it be a good idea to redisign the window so that :
1- we could have the PAN added to the EQ/Channel Strip area ? that would be usefull for surround without having to open the panner.
2- be able to resize the width of output chain faders (like mix windows)
3- have a key command for Go to previous/next MixConsol channel (!)
4- [key]+clic on a parameter to have it revealed in the automation lane.
5- last (tricky one) when open ouput chain, if window is close to right of your screen, the Channel settings window moves to the left so all is visible. fine, but when you close output chain, the channel settings window does not go back to original place (commun with other window behaviour in Nuendo and annoying.)
anything else ? :slight_smile:

Nuendo 8 had something simmilar. But it was removed when they merged cubase and nuendo api
(My guess).

But yes, to have show/hide option for every part of channel would be great . Eq only, fader only, fader and pan, ins and sends etc…