Channel Settings Toolbar partially Hidden

Hi Guys!
This is driving me mad! :confused: I noticed it first with C10 when I upgraded from C9.5 and I was hoping for a fix with the maintenance update version 10.0.15 but it remains the same. This is really impeding my workflow. I have noticed another issue on this topic which is not the same, though I did try the fix but it didn’t work for me. It happens on every track; MIDI, Audio, Group… in-fact any time you click on the e button

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading

mine is even worse, I can’t use it!


yeah! Very frustrating!

Maybe this solution works for you too:

ssrmpc, thank you! :smiley: It worked for me (and thank you to Carlos Mariño the original poster :wink: ).
I’ve just gone through my Workspaces and ensured it is working or rather back to normal in all scenarios! :nerd:

Much happiness! :sunglasses:

Okay… back to it!