Channel Settings Window Bug (Scaling isn't also possible)

Hey guys

I’m not able to scale the Channel Setting Window. In 9.5 I was abel to. On top of that there is an old bug still there. Sometimes when I work this visual glitch happens (look at picture)
This happens also in 9.5 sometimes. In 9.5 there was a way to get rid of the too wide channel. I simply scaled the whole window. While doing that the whole channel setting window goes crazy but after closing and opening again it’s normal. That’s the only way I know how to resolve this visual bug.

But now in C 10 I’m not able to scale the window. So I don’t know what to do with this ugly looking channel setting window.

Can you help me out?

Can confirm that you cannot scale it anymore.
The ugly appearance, lucky me, not yet seen…

I think this bug occures when you show the signalpath. I mean this icon I don’t know how it’s called in english.
Show Signal Path.PNG

It’s really bad that they removed this feature :angry:

Crikey…it’s actually obscuring the EQ and Channel Strip…this needs a fix!

I’m with this same exactly problem now. It appeared after a crash.
Please Fix it!!!

I can’t resize it anymore and it’s huge… :-/

I have the same issue and it’s actually got worse over the last week and now the EQ/strip window is so narrow I can’t see the last 2 Fx in the strip or use the eq as the box is so small.



I solved the problem