Channel Settings/Window Layout options gone?

Since I’m working from home like many, I don’t have the same multi-monitor set up I had at work. I’m on a 15" laptop. So I’m trying to set up an efficient workspace for that small desktop environment. I’m now noticing for the first time that the Nuendo 10 ‘channel settings’ window no longer has a ‘window layout’ option to hide zones (inserts/eq/sends et al)??

Trying to verify if it should have that option, but I’m not seeing it? Or, if that valuable customization feature has simply been removed, and hiding zones is no longer an option in ‘channel settings’? (if so, why???)

Any insight appreciated.

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I have the option to show/hide direct routing and outputs, not inserts/eq and sends. Are you not seeing that option?

Apologies for not being clear, I am seeing that option. What I would also prefer is to be able ‘hide’ the sends and fader zones (or any zone I choose really) so the channel settings window wouldn’t take up so much space (like you used to be able to do - I just verified this functionality exists in Nuendo 8)

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just trying to determine if this option still exists somewhere, or if not - why in the world it was removed?